Ambience PR is a specialised PR agency under the ENCE Marketing Group that focuses on PR for the interior design and living industry.Seeing a gap in the industry for home and living brands to effectively showcase their products to the design niche, the team at ENCE decided to create a whole business division with expert PR professionals from the industry who speak the same lingo as the brands and designers in this industry, in order to better to share their stories.From marble to laminates, furnishings, lamps and sanitary fittings, the team at Ambience has covered them all.Among the notable designer brands we have worked with great success are Tempur, Kohler, TOTO, Roca, Fritz Hansen, Wilkahn, King Living and Picket and Rail.


Our core values driving our mission and towards our vision are INTELLIGENCE and INFLUENCE. We believe that as professionals in PR, the trust and respect our clients, vendors and partners are of paramount importance. With respect comes responsibility and stature which in turn confers on us the subtle power of INFLUENCE to enable us to make a difference in the world.In this aspect, we will use our influence wisely and with INTELLIGENCE, so as to uphold the integrity and professionalism of our industry and our personal ethics as persons of upstanding moral responsibility to our clients.


PR Interior Design Marketing Agency Singapore
Our logo is a derivative of a diamond and a Queen’s crown, following the other ENCE PR agencies.The Queen’s crown draws its inspiration from the queen chess piece. She is Dynamic and Versatile, and so we must too be, to understand world trends, business shifts and how our clients can benefit from these.The Diamond symbolises Precision and Strength – Precision in our communications and our work; Strength in our beliefs and our competencies. The outline of the diamond is creatively constructed with a skewed beveled frame, that may be intepreted as a photo frame, or and edges of a room, both of which are symbolic of the interior design industry.Ambience itself denotes the feel and experience of a space you enter, reflective of what the brands within this industry aim to do – enhance the atmosphere and ambience of a space.Put together, the logo serves to remind us of our purpose.